Sunday, June 17, 2012


Here are three beautiful examples of bungalow cottage gardens found here in the Houston Heights area. Cottage gardens are filled with blooming flowers, arbors with vines, very little lawn and lots of  types of mulch, gravel paths and garden whimsy. It is easily my favorite type of garden for a bungalow.
A wonderful set of old Crape myrtles sets off the entrance to this bungalow garden. I like the addition of a palm to give the garden a tropical note.

Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia hirsutum) spills over the edge in this cottage garden.

Cottage gardens have no rules and that's the fun part. The exuberant foliage in this second garden plays against the simple antique styling of the gables and  porch. It's a great match! Notice the window planters up top.
Nice touch.

Sometimes a single image is not enough to contain a splendid cottage garden. Here are three views of this third example. 

The front entry way has a nice arbor, a wonderful crushed granite pathway, and a myriad of flower colors in bloom.
The fence is absolutely superb and blends well with a brick bungalow. This fence is charming and inviting and quietly does its job. Aren't those wooden gates beautiful?

 A final view of this terrific garden. That's a fig tree you see on the corner.
I hope I've given you some new ideas for your cottage garden. Start small with an area by your sidewalk or porch. Then add a little each year. Start with cheerful flowers like Black-eyed Susan.

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  1. My two most favourite things-American Bungalow and Cottage Gardens. I'm practically weeping with joy. I visited the Gamble House last month. House wonderful, garden not so.

  2. All these gardens are charming. The third garden's fence and gate are so beautifully Texan. The hog fence is a favorite but I'd never seen it with doors as a gate. Love, love, love it!


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