Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Let's say you need a change of pace. Something different. Something a bit out of the ordinary. A place where you can see and buy fun things. Now throw in a healthy dose of nostalgia and you've got Wabash Feed & Antique Store on Washington Avenue. It's a fun place to take older people who have ties to country living and are stuck in the BIG CITY. And it's fun for the kids to see animals, plants, and a feed store. Plus, the garden art is fun, fun, and more fun. Stop by now that it's cooler since they have no A/C.

Cloth chicken

Metal chicken

Live chicken. These beautiful Black Australorp hens just arrived and need a good home.

Lots of herbs, vegetables, and other plants.

Whimsical doesn't begin to describe the art! I love it!

This is definitely a good post for my blog, "The OTHER Houston". It's not what you imagine you'd find in a metropolis of over 2 million.