Monday, October 25, 2010


We end the historic bungalow section with  this 'tiny' home  found in Woodland Heights on Bayland Street. It was build in 1930 and is called the William  A. Wilson home. I guess you could say it's a Bungalow on Steroids.  This is a Chicago Style or Prairie Style home with long, horizontal roof lines.  I think Frank Lloyd Wright influenced an entire generation of architects and some of this style made it down to Houston during this time period. It's a magnificent home and difficult to photograph in one piece, considering it's a 6,363 square foot residence. It took me three shots to capture the entire side!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


 We were on a bike ride in the Woodland Heights area and came across this stunning example of the Craftsman style. Notice the fixtures, the windows, the railings, and the porch. The roof pitch is quite remarkable and gives this house an intimate appeal.
 The wrought iron fence and concrete posts surround the beautiful landscaped garden.
The artwork and green texture garden complete the tour. It's sad, but there are many bungalows in our city that face demolision if not for the care and concern of people like these. I hope more will be saved and restored. They are small houses with a big heart.   Thanks for stopping by. I add a new home each week. The next will be quite a surprise! Each 10th house is like a JOKER in the deck of bungalow cards. See ya soon.  :-)

Sunday, October 17, 2010


This historic bungalow in Houston Heights has mature pygmy palm trees...quite a rarity for this part of the world.

 The owner has captured the garden style of early American bungalows with its lovely hedges and trim work.
 Many in this area find old photos to try and recreate the look and feel of the original grounds.
The three palms set at varying heights is perfect for this corner bed. It's both lush and elegant. A beautiful crimson butterfly bush adds the finishing touch. Notice the care given to the rounded hedges all along the driveway. It's a standout amidst an already wonderful neighborhood.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Usually Asian Fusion describes a blending of foods from the Orient. But today I use it to describe this nifty home in the Oak Forest neighborhood.
The sleek red trim lines and simplistic white window panels blend perfectly with the gray siding. The style is a fine counterpoint to the almost Zenlike landscaping motif.
 The natural stone walkway sends the viewer past the first set of rocks and fine foliage plants and into the more intimate fenced patio. The gray green plants add a special flavor to the setting. This is the work of a master...simple, but elegant.
I'm not usually a big fan of endless grass lawns, but the deep setback once again adds that Zenlike feeling of moving across an ocean and landing upon a beautiful island garden. This is a serene and peaceful landscape. Thanks for stopping by. :-)