Sunday, April 8, 2012


Cute bungalow and picket fence in the Heights. I'll add this one to my picket fence collection.
One of my very favorite bungalows in the Heights. Nice, shady, and cool!

My wife's favorite bungalow on today's walk. On Woodland Street.

A fun store front on 11th street. Mystery objects...hmmmm.
I love shops like this!

The shark house.

You thought I was kidding? She gives swimming lessons to local children in her gorgeous pool.
My son took lessons from her.

They have a jam packed garden complete with a Topo Chico bottle tree.
Up until now I thought I was the only gardener with one.

Now back to the OTHER HOUSTON....the BIG CITY part. Happy work week!

Williams Tower....tallest skyscraper in the world outside of a central business district.
Located here in Houston, Texas.