Thursday, January 13, 2011


                                                   "Our Cat with Flannel Sheets" 
Next to gardening and architecture, photography is a subject of endless beauty and interest to me. A topic that can really STRETCH you is to attempt to capture a subject in just black and white. NO color to carry the thing along. It's not particularly comfortable the first time you try it.
But you have to have a different mindset. You look for texture, for rhythm, for LIGHT.  But, was there a black and white photo blog out there in the Blogosphere? Did anyone actually care anymore about doing this?
Happily, I've found The Weekend in Black and White.  The work is stunning and once again I will be on a new learning curve.   BLOGS are so much better than a textbook because of the interactions from other photo-maniacs.
I'm a schoolteacher by trade with not a hint of even entering a contest with my photos. I do it out of pure joy and the challenge.
I'm just a beginner.

"Cat with Flannel Sheets" by David
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Saturday, January 8, 2011


This delightful picket fence bungalow makes the most out of the enclosed garden area while keeping the larger yard intact.
For a gardener, a picket fence allows a rambling sort of beauty with vines, grasses, and flowers.
The plantings on BOTH sides of the sidewalk give the impression that you are getting to sneak through someone's private garden. The beautiful red and white bark belong to the white flowering Crepemyrtle.  It's a different species than the typical purple, red, and pink varieties. Thanks for joining me on the tour. David :-)