Sunday, May 15, 2011


This is easily one of my favorite topics. I love bungalows. I love porches, and I love gardens. So imagine combining all three. These Houston bungalows are in the Heights area and were all in the same 15 minute walk. Imagine that! A porch garden can be plants on the porch, in front of the porch, or on the stairs or the sidewalk leading to the porch. Here are some fine examples.
 Don't you just love this garden and bungalow? Notice the porch planters and the wildlife habitat sign in front. This is someone who knows what butterflies like and what animals need. I could sip iced tea on this porch all summer long! Wow!
 All of these sun loving plants are in bloom and I'm sure some are fragrant and their scent adds to the charm. That shady porch is so inviting. Don't you love the windows and the wood trim on this cozy bungalow.
 And speaking of charming, isn't this front porch fantastic? The paint, trim, stained glass windows and hanging baskets make this bungalow picture perfect.
Finally, this fenced garden and porch are one of my favorite. This garden has all elements that make you take a second look. Notice the tropical plants, the balance between small, feathery foliage and the bold agaves. The layers of plants build and take the eye to the porch and home. And the gate and natural fence accent the entire scene. These gardeners need to win a landscape award from Garden Design magazine. And that's no exageration!
 I'll have more porches and gardens in future posts. So many little time.
Thanks for stopping by. Hope you find a porch and have some iced tea!
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  1. Hi David,
    Love your post about porch gardens. That last house once belonged to Ted Gregory, landscape architect, who did our back garden last summer. His home was on the Heights Home Tour one year. Thanks for the wonderful photos!

  2. David, it has been far too long since I've popped in to get my bungalow fix. Looove your blog! You have featured some pretty fantastic homes and gardens here. I love that I can travel through one of my favorite neighborhoods ever without dealing with the brutal Houston heat. Thanks!

    I hope you and your family are enjoying a happy and safe 4th of July.


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