Sunday, February 27, 2011


When you think of Houston, you probably think of skyscrapers, apartments, and brick houses. But amazingly we have a number of beautiful historic districts and with these some much admired picket fences. Here's a sample from the Houston Heights and Woodland Heights districts.
a graceful curved picket fence

It's rare to find other colors, but here's a wonderful green picket fence.

                                          white pickets with "Z" gate and matching mailbox
The very intricate white pickets blend with the natural planting scheme.

A natural wood picket fence made with treated lumber. This fence is very new and extremely well-made.
The clumping grasses blend in perfectly with the design.


  1. I love the photos from your neighborhood so much. More please!? :)

  2. Yes, I like your pics also. Would like to see more.


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