Friday, November 23, 2012


The Center for Hearing & Speech here in Houston organizes Via Colori each year.

Street artists from all over the continent are invited to design and complete street art in just two days.

It was fun watching the artists at work.

Some had just finished. This poor artist had to contend with a large crack in the pavement. Exact squares are earmarked for each artist, so it's the luck of the draw.

The work is exhausting and as you can see, takes careful planning. You could easily work yourself into a corner if you're not careful.

My favorites are always the faces. The transformation from an ugly street into a work of art amazes me.

This one was just about finished except for the arms. 

And this one was my favorite. I got to talk to these artists and asked if they had ever done this work of art before. She said they pick a different topic each time because it's more challenging! 

 I decided to take this photo in black and white since they were working with only monochrome chalk. The artist is Susanne Ma from Los Angeles. Her artist friend, Theresa Knopf, work on these designs together.

Somebody was inspired by all this art to do this! LOL

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  1. Thank you David for your glowing review. We were thrilled with this year's attendance, overwhelmed by the incredible art and honored to hear all the positive feedback.

    CHS Event Manager for Via Colori

  2. Incredibly impressive! Wish I could've seen it live. Amazing to watch art come to life, person.


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