Sunday, October 7, 2012


This year's 2012 Bungalow Home Tour features 6 notable Norhill bungalows the weekend of October 13th and 14th.

If you can't make it, enjoy these beautiful bungalows here on The Other Houston. I'm happy to show you around.  I'm quite familiar with this little neighborhood since we drive through it every weekend on our way to church. For the past 25 years the owners of these quaint bungalows have continued to get in touch with their historic values and the results are amazing. Lots of love goes into restoring an old home.
I am so excited to find someone using the pottery columns! Many of these 'half' columns stand empty just waiting for decorative planters. Maybe this owner has rekindled that old tradition.

Notice the beautiful little pathway and garden feature.

I love the lush plantings around the porch!

This one has a superb cottage garden with a bungalow screened in porch.

I love the crisp tricolor paint motif. Historic screens add a wonderful touch to the windows.

This one is just charming, charming, CHARMING!

Cute little garden, nice variety of brickwork, and carefully painted gable work. I love it!

Another historic paint motif. Many of these bungalows feature three paint colors in stylish renditions of the past.
This is a great neighborhood for a bike tour. Park at the corner of Norhill Blvd and Pecore. That's our church parking lot and we don't mind at all. 
To round out your historic tour, walk down to the corner of Pecore and Studewood. There you'll find Da Capo's Pastry Cafe. They have wonderful soups and sandwiches in a cozy shop.
For more info, visit:

And for Da Capo's menu, check out their link:

I'll leave you with a snapshot of the plantings I helped develop in front of our church.
I have to thank Jill and Penny for their tireless efforts in watering these beauties all summer long.
The church is on Pecore across from Hogg Middle School in case you want to see the flowers or visit. We'd love to have you stop by.
That's it for today.
Happy Bungalow Hunting!


  1. Thanks for the tour, Dave-o. Love the architectural detail.

  2. That look nice!I hope I can get a tour too :)


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