Monday, October 31, 2011


Builders and owners alike try very hard to match building styles within historic districts. Sometimes it's imposed. Other times it comes from the desire to protect the look and feel of special places like the Houston Heights and Woodland Heights. Not all of these are bungalows, but all are in the historic district. I'll tell you the answers at the end. Warning: some homes are hybrids and would be considered both since there is an older, original part and a newer addition. If it's closer to 8 years old, then the answer is 8. If it's an original home, then the answer is 80 years. Get a pencil and paper and mark your answers. Ready?

House A: 8 years or 80 years old? (This one is easy)

House B: new construction (8 years) or original bungalow (80 years)?   The new roof doesn't count.

House C: 8 years or 80 years old? (New roof doesn't count either way)

Houses in picture D: both 8 or both 80 years old?

House E sure is pretty! 8 or 80?

House F: 8 or 80?

House G: 8 or 80?

House H: 8 or 80? Is this still fun, or am I driving you crazy and now you're second guessing that all these 'old' houses are really new?

House I is filled with charm, isn't it? So is it 8 years old or 80?

House J: 8 years old or 80?

House K: Wow, this one is for sale! 8 years or 80?

Finally House L: 8 or 80? This one is probably my favorite because of the windows and roof line symmetry.
But all of them are so nice it's hard to pick a favorite.

A. closer to 8
B. closer to 80 
C. closer to 80
D. both are surprisingly closer to 8!
E.closer to 80
F. closer to 8! This was painstakingly built to appear as if from the historical period of the Houston Heights 
G. closer to 80
H. not certain, but probably closer to 80  
I.closer to 80
J.closer to 8
K. a hybrid of both 1910 & 2005, so it's both 8 and 80 years 
L.closer to 80

Thanks for stopping by! David/ :-)


  1. 8...80...180.....just love them all, David! Thank you for sharing the photos and making my morning. I just love the architecture in the Heights. Have a blessed day!

  2. I guessed all of them right!!!! :-))) Except for F but that is an awesome copy!


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