Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Here's a sampling of some of the styles of gardening you can find in Houston's historic bungalow district.
The classic look with trimmed hedges and a variety of other plantings. These are balanced with a meticulously kept lawn. This is a beautiful bungalow!
The well-trimmed hedges and lawn compliment this cute bungalow. The symmetry and balance give this bungalow a pleasing style.
This rustic fence and sidewalk garden with snuggle near the cozy porch of this Heights bungalow.
Another type of fence garden filled with rambling floral vines adds to this gorgeous bungalow.
This hip looking bungalow shines with personal features and great colors. The hedge and fence give balance to the delightful vine arbor. I call this one the "K" bungalow.
This front yard includes a cottage garden. Cottage gardens come in all styles. This cottage garden shares the yard with a nice lawn and tree. The inviting brickwork and walkway draws the eye to the beautiful front porch.
Cottage gardens can include vegetables, shrubs, rose gardens, and annuals. Here's a wonderful example from Columbus, Texas.
The English garden can live on the wild side and still be beautiful. This carefully planted arbor  & walkway warmly invites you to the front porch swing.
The last bungalow I'll show you today features an outstanding classic cottage garden using plants adapted to a Texas climate. This is one of the finest cottage gardens in the Houston Heights district.
Well that's it for today. Hope you enjoyed the tour of front yard gardens. Driving through the Houston Heights always inspires me.


  1. Love these photos of gardens with these homes. Very nice.

  2. There's some fab gardens out there. I love the rustic fence photo with what looks like a pair of olive trees. I'm also a fan of the columbus cottage garden. The trees are looking a little bare over here now after what's been a colourful Autumn but it won't be long before it's verdant again like some of your lovely pictures.


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